About RealPrivacy.io

Privacy is critical with the current state of national surveillance and corporations profiting from your internet behavior. As Stallman stated:

“For freedom and democracy’s sake, we need to eliminate most of [the surveillance imposed on us]. There are so many ways to use data to hurt people.”

The good news is that we can take back control of our data and privacy. RealPrivacy was created to teach Internet users everything they need to know about privacy, security, and anonymity online. We’re here to help you improve your data habits and protect yourself against online surveillance & threats.

80/20 Privacy & Online Security Setup

The Pareto Principle suggests that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. It’s one of those ideas that when you observe it within one area, you start to notice it everywhere you look.

When it comes to privacy online, there is a small list of tools (the 20 percent) that when used properly, will cover most of your bases when it comes to online privacy & basic security (give you 80 percent of results). Note that this is just a baseline set of tools, removing and protecting yourself from the most obvious threats to your online privacy and security:

  • Secure email account: recommend Mailbox.org or Protonmail
  • Encrypted internet connections using a VPN: recommend MullVad
  • Password Management: recommend Bitwarden (self-hosted or the official app)
  • Two Factor Authentication: recommend andOTP on Android, Authy on iOS
  • Secure web browser: recommend Tor browser or Firefox with privacy & security hardening
  • Non-tracking & pro-privacy search engine: recommend DuckDuckGo

Who’s Behind RealPrivacy.io

There is risk in writing about protecting online privacy, staying anonymous online and other things discussed here on RealPrivacy.

Like we would suggest to anyone sharing information online that some parties (companies, states, predatory individuals, etc) could deem as high risk, all writers for RealPrivacy use pen names in order to protect their own privacy and security.

Nick Carter creator of RealPrivacy.ioRealPrivacy was started by Nick Carter, and just like the dime novel detective he’s named after, Nick is a strong believer in personal privacy & anonymity online while also wanting to enjoy this amazing tool called the internet. Noticing the apparent conflict between those two things – staying private and anonymous online while still enjoying everything the internet has to offer – Nick started RealPrivacy.io to share what he’s learned through research, interacting with privacy experts and making plenty of mistakes in his own journey.

How RealPrivacy.io is funded

There is absolutely no ‘sponsored’ content on RealPrivacy.io – meaning any product or service recommended on this website has been trailed and used by the RealPrivacy team and is recommended in the same way we would recommend a product or service to a personal friend. We will also never be paid to ‘spruce-up’, change or modify any review or recommendation.

Some of the links on RealPrivacy.io contain a unique ID. When a user clicks on a link and decides to purchase a product or service, we sometimes get paid a commission on that purchase.

If you purchase a service via our site, it does not increase the cost or affect the price for any item that you end up purchasing.

Any pages utilizing these types of links are clearly labeled as such. For more information on these kind of links, view the FTC guidance here.

RealPrivacy Respects your privacy

Real Privacy does not use Google Analytics or other invasive tracking software. Instead, this site uses a self-hosted open-source version of Matomo (formally Piwik) that keeps any analytics information local and away/unobtainable from any third parties. Specifically, when you visit this website we may use cookies, server logs, and other methods to collect the following information:

  • An Anonymized IP Address (first two octets only)
  • Referrer
  • Browser Information
  • Time of access
  • Pages visited

This data has not, and will never be sent or sold to third parties. The primary use for this data is to see where traffic to RealPrivacy.io is referred from, and how much traffic the site and its pages and blog posts receive each day. This is how we know what content on the website is resonating with our audience and can also figure out where we’re falling short or uncover opportunities for new content to be added in future. We sometimes need to diagnose and debug technical errors using this data, too.

This website and the Matomo instance respects the Do Not Track (DNT) setting in your browser, so if you have that turned on in your browser settings then none of the above data will be collected.

How to Get in touch

You can find RealPrivacy on our official Twitter account or send us an email here and we’ll reply ASAP. Use the contact form to send us your Ricochet ID for the more secure communication.